electrictek = technology integration.

since edison first invented the light bulb, companies have been inventing new and better uses of electricity and the energy it harnesses to make our lives better. from manually throwing a switch and lighting up a dark area to sensing the right amount of light needed in an area at a particular time and turning it on automatically turning it on, electric technology has come a long way. at electrictek we take pride in continuing that long tradition of improving your quality of life through technology integration.
we offer an integrated group of electrically based services and take projects from beginning to end, without you having to call another contractor just to finish this or that part. we take the time to learn about our customers, their needs and wants and then provide solutions based on those desires. not only installing the solutions, but making them work for you in your situation.

our mission statement sums it up. to improve the quality of life for our customers through the application of technology.

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