electrictek's scope of computer based services have grown with the rapid pace of the technology. from installing the physical infrastructure of a network to programming the computers to work to repairing the computer itself, we have a wide array of services for you.
whether a two computer 10 mg network to share the internet at home or a large call center with a 1 gigabit network, we can help design and install the network to connect them. using the best of today's technologies and designing for future improvements and changes, we can help you get the most roi for your investment. our in depth understanding of building construction gives us a better ability to make the wiring disappear within the walls with a minimum of disruption to your life. pulling wires is just part of the network. we do the job from start to finish, design to termination, ready to fly when we are done. fiber or copper.

once the network is in place, we don't disappear. we can program the computers to talk with each other, install, repair, and upgrade the hardware. we can teach you to use the programs and help administer the network and troubleshoot problems that arise later.
internet connectivity
we can help you get the best connection for your needs. whether you need a t1, dsl, isdn or dial up access, we can guide through the alphabet soup to the best solution for your needs.

to arrange a consultation on your computer needs,
please contact us.

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