electrical services

electrictek offers complete home, farm and commercial electrical services from new construction to repair and upgrading existing service. whether installing a new receptacle or replacing an outdated fuse panel with larger service, we can troubleshoot and repair your problems.

seven signs you need to call us:
         1: lights and receptacles not  working.
         2: having to turn off something to turn on something else.
         3: fuses or breakers frequently blowing.
         4: new appliances needing more power.
         5: lights dimming for no reason.
         6: breaker or fuse will not reset.
         7: more than two items plugged into any receptacle.
many of our homes were wired when there was maybe a light in each room, an occasional fan moved from room to room, and very few appliances in the kitchen.

today we expect that same system to provide power for stereos, tv's, vcr's, computers, and lights, and that's just in the kids' bedroom. if you are concerned about the capacity of your electrical system to handle these loads, call us for an inspection and evaluation.

surge protection and grounding
this is a big concern for us today because of the proliferation of electronic equipment in our lives.
the electronics are becoming smaller and more efficient and therefore using less power and more susceptible to power fluctuations. if you have experienced losses of equipment including cordless telephones, tvs, vcrs, or

computers, you may have an inadequate or incorrect grounding system. electrictek can inspect and repair your grounding system and install whole house surge protection to protect your equipment from lightning and other hazards.

to arrange an inspection and evaluation please contact us

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