your loved ones. that's what it is all about. you want them safe. you want their stuff protected. who is watching them when you are not home? electrictek! with a security system from electrictek you can relax. the perimeter of your home can be armed while you are at home and you are alerted when a door is opened. outdoor motion detectors can indicate something is happening outside. when you are gone, the system monitors your home for any activity and the central station will alert you and the authorities if something is wrong.

if your family leaves for the day or evening and a fire breaks out, when will someone else see it and call for help? when it is thru the roof and your stuff is ruined! or when your child comes home, opens the door and fire rushes out and burns them! with monitored smoke and heat detectors, the central station receives the alarm as soon as smoke or a rapid rise in temperature is detected and summons help!
if there is a carbon monoxide build up in your home, would you know it? with a monitored co detector, help would automatically be summoned!
if the temperature in your home drops to freezing, threatening water pipes and lots of damage while you are away, wouldn't you rather be called by the central station before it freezes so you could call someone to resolve the problem? a monitored temperature alert could save the day. if your child comes home from school before you, wouldn't it be nice to know he was there when he was supposed to be. the system can be programmed to alert you if your child hasn't arrived home and entered his code by a certain time every day.
do you have loved ones that live alone and may need assistance and not be able to use a phone? a panic button they carry could contact the central station and get them the help they need.
electrictek also offers commercial access control, biometric identification systems, intrusion detection and fire alarms. for an onsite evaluation of your needs please contact us.
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